Welcome to the S2MassiveMod Wiki

This is a fan made wiki for the Stranded 2 mod (fittingly) named Massive Mod which has so many differences from the vanilla game that it deserves its own wiki.

The point of this wiki is to help people who are having trouble with one part of the game or another, to quickly and easily solve that problem without them having to ask on the thread. To that end there will be information on things in the game, (as many of the things as I can find!) to help that goal.

However, this isn't supposed to be a manual of every solitary thing in S2 and MM, so certain things (IE: Shelters, Production Buildings, Tools, etc.) will be condensed into their own page.

Describe your topic

I (Yerica) will be adding as much to the wiki as I can, however I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the game, and so any input from other, more experienced players is welcome. Also, the advice given on the pages comes only from my own experience, so if you find fault with it, feel free to either edit the page or leave comment. :)


- If you have screen shots of the rarer animals/buildings/units etc. please upload them! I really want to have pictures of objects!

- I will set up some 'how to' pages, although some of them (like 'how to' make steel) will have to be filled in by other people >__>;

- Here's a list of pages that need the hand of someone more experienced with the game than I (as well as pictures):

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